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Product Catalog
  We are obsessed with the distinguished corporate clients, distribution partners, to provide your network of trusted brand-name products and services for our corporate customers to save an order for every cost, time, and no worries. We will continue to uphold the highest standards of service, responsibility and diligence corporate social responsibility, and continuously enhance the customer experience, in order to respect customers create more value.
    【Electronic Dry Cabinet/Box】
        Middle Humidity Cabinet【Humi.range:20-60%RH】         Low Humidity Cabinet【Humi.range:10-20%RH】
        Ultra-low Humidity Cabinet【Humi.range:1-10%RH】         Auto Nitrogen Cabinet【Humi.range:1-60%RH】
        Household Electronic Moistureproof Cabinet
    Resistor Furnace/Muffle Furnace
        1000℃ High Temperature Resistor Furnace         1200℃ High Temperature Resistor Furnace
        1300℃ High Temperature Resistor Furnace
    Industry customized Oven
        Dust-free Dry Oven         Anaerobic Dry Oven
        Non-oxidation Dry Oven         Anti-explosion Dry Oven
        Paraffins Preheating Rotation Dry Oven
    【Blast Drying Oven/Cabinet】
        Blast Drying Oven【Temp.range:RT+10-250℃】         Hot Air Sterilization Box
        Nitrogen Drying Oven         Natural Convection Drying Oven
        Blast Drying Oven【Temp.range:RT+10-300℃】         High Temperature Drying Oven【Temp.range:100-400℃】
        High Temperature Drying Oven【Temp.range:100-500℃】         Precision Drying Oven【Temp.uniformity≤1.5%】
        Industry-Specific Drying Oven
    【Vacuum Drying Oven/Cabinet】
        Vacuum Drying Oven【Vacuum and heating control】         New Vacuum Drying Oven【with condenser】
        Vacuum Oven【Only vacuum control,without heating】         Vacuum Drying Oven【Vacuum automatic control】
        Vacuum Oven【vacuum loop control】         Industry-Specific Vacuum Oven
    【Shaking Incubator/Shakers】
        Desktop Small-capacity Shaking Incubator         Horizontal Large-capacity Shaking Incubator
        Vertical Small-capacity Shaking Incubator         Vertical Large-capacity Shaking Incubator
    【Automatic Electric Incubator】
        Carbon Dioxide Incubator         Low Temperature Incubator
        Incubator【Only heating control】         Water-jacket Incubator【Only heating control】
        Incubator【heating and cooling control】         Constant Temperature & Humidity Incubator
    【Temperature Test Chamber】
        High-Low Temperature Test Chamber         Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
        High-Low temperature Damp-Heat Test Chamber         High-Low Temp Damp-Heat Alternating Test Chamber
        High-Low Temperature Alternating Test Chamber
    【Other laboratory equipments】
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