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Auto Drying Cabinet

Auto Drying Cabinet
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Product Type:
HSF Series
Product Name:
Auto Drying Cabinet
Made in Shanghai, China Factory outlets Competitive price Beautiful, durable products Good humidity precision and evenne
  Product Details:

Scope of Application:

IC, BGA, precision electronic components, special chemicals, semiconductor devices, optical and electronic components, printed circuit boards, optical film and lens, precision instruments and meters and other storage.

1. Cabinet with 1mm and 1.2mm high quality steel production, many strengthening the structure, load-bearing performance, overlay design, excellent sealing performance.
2. The use of advanced surface treatment procedure consisting of 18 lines orange paint, strong corrosion resistance.
3. 3.2mm high-strength tempered glass door inserts, anti-structure design of the former Qing Er. Integration with planar pressure lock handle design, with anti-theft feature. Install removable base with casters for easy mobility and fixed the brakes (anti-static model for the anti-static casters).
4.LED Super bright digital display, temperature and humidity sensors used by the U.S. original famous brand honeywell, temperature and humidity independent display, long life. Humidity can be set and has a memory function, power failure no longer set.
5. Humidity range 0% ~ 99% RH, temperature display range -9 °C ~ 99 °C. Display Accuracy: Humidity ± 3% RH; temperature ± 1 °C
6. The movement by foreign cooperative technology, using imported material moisture.
7. The industry's only intelligent control system with Cabinets. Automatically determine the humidity of the machine to determine the working time, save energy, extend product life. High temperature flame-retardant materials, the host shell to eliminate security risks.
8. Power even after the use of physical function continued to fill the seats moisture and dampness, humidity increase within 24 hours of not more than 10%.

Technical parameters: 

Model: HSFA1436AFD
Humidity range: 20% ~ 60% RH
Type:automatic adjustable
Volume: 1436L
Interior Dimension (mm): W1198*D682*H1728mm  
Overall Dimension (mm): W1200*D710*H1915mm

Packing Dimension(mm):W1300*D800*H2200

Gross weight:219KGS

Shelves: 5 Pcs
Power: 220V 50/60HZ
Average Power: 40W
ESD cabinets
Anti-static surface models using advanced anti-static coating, static resistance is 106-108 ohms, nice, strong corrosion resistance., The color is black.
General color is not anti-static computer cabinets white, anti-static cabinet color is dark brown.

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